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Best Drugs for Studying 2017

Written by Mr Hyde
Best Legal Drugs For Studying 2017

Legal Stimulants and Smart Drugs Used for Studying

Using Drugs to Improve Studying

Competition among students and universities has never been more intense and the pressure to improve grades and score better on exams has never been higher! Unfortunately there are rashes of herbs, pills, drugs, and other medication marketed specifically to improve focus, attention, energy, motivation and ultimately studying, which don't work...flooding the market. It can be hard to find the ones that actually work, and offer prescription-level effects. Some of these drugs are in fact on par with an actual Adderall, and most of them work far better than Modafinil (also known as the brand name Provigil).

Best Legal Stimulants for Studying 2017

Out of all of the legal drugs for studying and improving grades in 2017, only a few are worth mentioning. We took a sample of 30 willing participants at 4 universities, to try each of these legal stimulants and record the effects on their studying and resulting grade performance. Each student was also required to submit their previous semester's grades so that the scores could be better analyzed.*

#1 "Piratall” by Pirate Botanicals

Piratall (manufactured by Pirate Botanicals) is one of the more popular legal drugs for studying in universities in the United States and around the world. This drug is safe to take and relies on a nootropic-based formula (deriving from the smart drug Huperzine A), to help the brain emphasize memory, generate motivation, and enhance cognitive function. Piratall seems to kick in rather quickly and works really well. Nearly all students in our sample saw a significant improvement in their studying and ultimately in their grades.

What Some of the Students Said About Piratall...

"I am studying to be a film director, but, lots of the school work has been unrelated and really difficult for me. Piratall allows me to stay focused a lot longer, and retain way more information, as well as score higher on the exams. I have seen my grades drastically increase while on Piratall and get a boost that helps me push all night long. It seriously feels like taking adderall. This is what I imagine the NZT pill from the movie Limitless is like." - Bruce M., Pennsylvania

"A lot of my classes have to do with math and numbers and that is very exhausting. With Piratall I have been able to remember more and recall the information more quickly especially on tests. Piratall helps me remember the numbers and do the math faster in my head. My grades all went up (even the classes I wasn't tracking for the trial) while on Piratall." - Stewart, Nevada

"One of the biggest things I noticed besides better grades and attention span, was my increased motivation levels. Piratall made me WANT to do more and WANT to work harder and WANT to better myself. And with each pill, the effects are felt almost right away." - Rachel H., North Carolina


#2 "Limitless” by Enhancer Lab

Limitless (previously manufactured by Dark Matter Labs, now known as Enhancer Labs) provides an incredible boost you can feel and a boost that is most certainly real and nearly instantly felt; However, there seems to be a tolerance issue. After only a couple doses, student experiences indicate a weaker performance. Still, a lot of people who use Adderall to study only buy a few pills at a time and never even notice this tolerance issue (as there is so much time in between uses that no tolerance develops). It can be a little harder to find Limitless, as the manufacturer seems to be a little unreliable though.

What Some of the Students Said About Limitless...

"I have tried a lot of products that are called smart drugs or that you would consider study aids but Limitless was something that was notably better. I like how fast it works, and like that it's kind of like taking an adderall." - Kaci T., Pennsylvania

"I love the way I feel on this drug and would say it is one of the best study drugs I have had...but...I noticed a bigger boost in the first half of the trial, than the second half and suspect it may be a tolerance my body is building up. I wish it still worked like it did in the beginning." - Taylor, North Carolina

"An absolute uncontested stimulant that has also given me the focus and energy to improve my grades, scoring almost an entire grade point higher in every class this semester. The downside is my body does develop a tolerance for Limitless, and it prevents it from working as well after the first few times. It is nothing like the Limitless drug from the movies though." - Kevin B., North Carolina


#3 "OptiMind” by AlternaScript

OptiMind promotes itself as a "real NZT pill" (after the Bradley Cooper movie "Limitless"2011). Well, it explains it is as close to the real thing as it gets...in a nut shell. Although it is nothing like the actual NZT pill, this is a very impressive product and does provide actual boosts that can be measured in terms of great grade boosts and study boosts. It should also be noted that some students in our sample had better effects on OptiMind than others (seems a little selective in who it effects best).

What Some of the Students Said About OptiMind...

"OptiMind is a really well packaged and safe looking product. I get a noticeable boost when taking it, and I feel like it really helps me study better. I am pretty sure I am more focused when using it and I feel focused for 4-5 hours before I feel like I need more. I was happy to be introduced to OptiMind and might use it on and off." - Jay, Nevada

"This is one of the few products that I have tried as a study aid that has actually worked. My grades did go up, and I was studying a lot more on OptiMind. I am not sure if it actually helps me study better, or if it just focuses me enough to make me want to study more, but I definitely learned the material. It was a much easier semester on OptiMind." - Mandy, Nevada

"I have a huge course load and although we are only required to track a few classes to satisfy this trial, I have personally tracked all of my classes and have seen drastic difference in my performance while on OptiMind. I would say, having tried a generic version of Adderall...that OptiMind is maybe about half the strength of the focus of an Adderall pill." - Brittany, North Carolina


#4 "Focusall" by HNS

Although Focusall is one of the most diversely used smart drugs available, it is primarily used for studying. When it is used with purpose and intent, it can provide a substantial boost to energy and focus (some students compared it to a 10 mg tab of Adderall in their experience review). Focusall seems to build a tolerance quickly, and each dose is about half as strong as the previous dose (when taken a day apart). There are also a lot of student experiences in our sample complaining of dehydration, agitation and a kind of "hang over" like experience. Focusall does its job when taken once in a while only.

What Some of the Students Said About Focusall...

"Very interesting drug...it definitely works and I can feel it shortly after taking it. Some of my grades improved very significantly, but a couple other grades dropped. This drug makes me really creative and I have excelled more in my creative classes. I do not know about using it on a routine basis after the trial. Though, I can see myself getting it in the future for something specific (e.g. studying for a specific exam I know will need an extra boost)." - Jim N., Nevada

"I was tracking my grades and exam scores, and saw them go up while on Focusall. I get a little irritated on the stuff, but that's not abnormal for me when it comes to stimulants. I do like to be alone when I take it. It is kind of like taking a 10 mg Adderall pill. I have to sleep a long time though after I take one of these. It really knocks me out cold afterwards." - Daniel B., Nevada

"Focusall gives me an attention boost, and a little kick in the butt, but I feel extremely tired when it wears off 3-4 hours later and cannot work anymore beyond that. It seems to be a better fit for giving a final boost at the end of the night, as opposed to using it in the morning, as it will put me to sleep right after it is done no matter when in the day I take it. Each time I take Focusall it reminds me of this one time I had drank like 12 red bulls in one night. The crash is just really hard with it." - Kim, North Carolina


#5 "Alpha Brain" by ONNIT

Alpha Brain offers a subscription option and taking this like a vitamin every day seems to be the best way to get the greatest boost, so the subscription helps; however, Alpha Brain doesn't provide the "all at once study boost" that most students are looking for. Thus, although this drug is not ideally used as an alternative to Adderall and is nowhere near as strong, it did provide noticeable boosts by a majority of the students in the sample.

What Some of the Students Said About Alpha Brain...

"Alpha Brain helped me get through some of the toughest math and science classes on my curriculum! I definitely did mediocre, but I do feel Alpha Brain provided a slight edge when studying and is probably part of the reason I passed this semester. " - Brian S., Pennsylvania

"I saw a little boost in my grades, in some classes, in the first few weeks. Maybe I got a tolerance or something though that made it a little less effective after that, as my grades seem to go back to normal. I also feel like I was more focused on Alpha Brain in the first few times I took it." - Brock, North Carolina

"I do feel Alpha Brain gave me some improvement to my focus and an increased attention-span. I would consider the subscription option if I were going to take it anymore...however, I just don't know that it was that much of a gain to where I want to be paying all the time like that." - Lannie, Nevada


#6 "AddieUp" by Red X Dawn

AddieUp provides a rather intense boost to energy and focus pretty quickly. It is widely available and fairly cheap, making it a popular product, however, it is very short lasting and has to be perfectly timed to count. It also seems to invoke some serious dehydration and requires consuming tons of water. Most student experiences in our sample mentioned a really hard crash.

What Some of the Students Said About AddieUp...

"There is a really big burst of energy all at once, but it comes down kind of fast and is followed by some jitters each time I do it. And I am following the instructions on the package. My grades did not go up, nor did they go down. It may have given me some extra energy though on some of the harder nights to study longer." - Jess A., Pennsylvania

"I had a little more motivation when taking AddieUp and it would help me get into my studying a little...as I have a big problem with that typically and basically NEVER study." - Cindy, North Carolin

"No grade improvement, no extra focus, but I felt a lot of energy like chugging a really big monster energy drink every time." - David, North Carolina


*Case study not controlled and involved user-submitted data.

Conclusive Notes

There are a lot of study drugs and smart drugs out there which can be far more effective than some prescription drugs (like Adderall), which do not require a prescription. The study drugs on this list can all be bought over-the-counter (OTC) and online. None of the study drugs on this list show up on a drug test and they remain legal around the world, and in all of the United States. Many people think the only way to get an edge when studying is to pop an Adderall, Ritalin, or Vyvanse...however, these study drugs give Adderall a run for its money and their accessibility and legal status makes them much more desirable.

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Legal Drugs Like Speed

Written by Gramps
Are there any legal drugs like speed

Drugs That Can Be Substituted For Speed

Are There Any Legal Drugs Like Speed?

A lot of people are looking for a legal stimulant that has an effect similar to amphetamine. A lot of these people are coming from prescription drugs like Adderall, or illegal drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. No matter what version of controlled speed or stimulant, there are over the counter, legal stimulants available. These legal stimulants do an excellent job of mimicking the effects of speed, many of them providing an energetic, euphoric, motivating high that is very close to that of a scheduled substance. Still, it is important to find a drug that mimics the positive characteristics of amphetamines (improved focus, concentration, energy, confidence, motivation), rather than only the negative characteristics (elevated heart rate, increase in breathing rate).

Some of the best legal drugs like speed are marketed like party drugs, smart drugs, and other versions of cognitive enhancers. Generally these are drugs that make you want to dance, party, or conquer the world. Most of these legal highs are like a volume knob on the radio: the high is more rockin' the more you turn it up and more mellow in lower doses. However, some of them achieve this high by simulating only the negative characteristics of amphetamines, while others focus on ingredients that replicate the positive characteristics of amphetamines. Several product reviews, surveys and a full case study have revealed clear winners, the Best Legal Drugs Like Speed (2017).

The Best Legal Drugs Like Speed


Sold by Pirate Botanicals

buy piratall online

Average Rating


Users typically take 1-2 capsules until desired effects are achieved.


Piratall users can expect motivation, focus, and an increase in overall mental acuity. Typically the experience is a lot like that of an Adderall high.


Piratall is one of the closest legal drugs (OTC, non-prescription) that substitutes for Adderall. Piratall relies upon a proprietary Huperzine formula for improving cognitive function and increasing energy. User experiences typically report having a strong burst of motivating, "conquer the world" type of energy, and a focus that is on par with that of a prescription drug like Adderall.

Vexxum Thermogenic Metabolizer

Sold by Pro Supplies

buy vexxum online

Average Rating


Users typically take 1-3 capsules until desired effects are achieved.


Vexxum provides an alertness and focus that prompts users to experience greater motivation and stimulation.


Vexxum relies on Octopamine for its cognitive boost in focus and legal speed, stimulant like effects. There are a lot of ingredients in the Vexxum formula, and it can come at the cost of a little hangover the next day if not enough water is consumed along with it. Vexxum does, however, live up to its reputation. User experiences typically report extended motivation and energy that far surpasses a sober experience.

Adrafinil Cognitive Support

Sold by Adrafinil Shop

buy adrafinil online

Average Rating


Users typically take 1-2 capsules until desired effects are reached.


Users expect increased attention-span, improved focus, and an energy boost.


There are a lot of companies that make Adrafinil-related products (and similar nootropic products). However, only some of them are even worth trying. Many people instantly believe that all Adrafinil products are nootropics because they are marketed as an herbal alternative to speed, however, only some are nootropics (usually containing less ingredients). That said, although Adrafinil is nothing close to legal speed, it is most certainly a very real energy boost that can be felt. It is also relatively safe when purchased from a reputable source. In other words, this is stronger than your average cup of coffee. Users typically report a huge boost in alertness, however, also claim a tolerance is built extremely quickly, thus it will take more pills to achieve the same effects after only a few days of using Adrafinil.

TNT Party Pills

Sold by Pills 4 Party

buy TNT party pills online

Average Rating


Users take 1-4 tabs of TNT until desired effects have been reached.


Users experience a physical-based stimulation and report it feels like drinking a lot of energy drinks.


TNT relies upon Oxedrine, which is a cardiac stimulant (stimulant of the heart), and thus is providing a "physical energy boost" along with the naturally metabolizing caffeine that comes from the tea-based ingredients, and the pure caffeine itself. It ends up being too much of a physical stimulant and taking too much can create a variety of discomforts. The half-life of Oxedrine is rather low, thus it will require dosing multiple times to achieve a high that lasts more than just an hour.

Happy Pills

Sold by SAMe

buy Happy Pills online

Average Rating


Users take 3-4 "Happy Pills" until feeling adequate energy boost.


Users expect a noticeable increase in energy and temporary mood boost, often at the expense of a heavy crash.


Although Happy Pills do provide an energy boost and also a temporary mood boost, it typically comes 3 to 4 pills deep and at the expense of getting a serious case of the "shakes" and a massive crash. The following day typically leaves the user feeling a little cracked out and extremely dehydrated. For this reason (and it helps very little), users are encouraged to drink many glasses of water while taking Happy Pills. Like TNT pills, it requires many re-doses in order to retain a high that lasts longer than 1-2 hours.
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