How to Get a Hacker Service to Hack Facebook, Email, Dating Sites, Mobile Phones and More

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Getting Black Hat Hacking Services That Work, Safely

Very few people realize they need a hacker before actually stumbling upon hacking services and the hackers themselves. Many people begin by googling something totally unrelated to hacking to begin with! Some of the most common reasons people end up hiring a hacker for, begin with searches such as...

“How to gain access to a Facebook account” (aka “How to get into a Facebook account”)

Hacking a Facebook account is one of the harder things to do, especially with the ever-changing, ever-evolving Facebook code. However, hackers have always tried to stay one step ahead of the game, and there are always updated Facebook account hacking services available for the right price. Frankly, this is one of the more expensive services, but it is also one of the most valuable. Hackers have the ability to hack Facebook passwords, change Facebook passwords, alter posts (and add/remove them altogether), check Facebook messages and records, add and remove friends, delete accounts altogether, and so much more...making it one of the most common requests hackers receive.

“How to get someone's email password”

There are a lot of reasons to need someone's email password. Some people need it to gain access to secrets, or to spy on someone. Other people just want to see if their spouse is cheating. There are instances where people hire hackers to plant emails, or delete emails before they are seen. This is also one of the most common requests hackers receive.

“How do I expunge my record” (aka “How do I remove tickets from my driving record”)

People begin looking for a way to change their driving record or criminal record (or basically any record of any kind). They realize quickly that the fastest way to doing this, is by hiring a hacker to infiltrate a database or system and expunge the record. It's usually not that expensive! In fact, it is more expensive to hire a lawyer and pursue expunging a single offense, which still remains listed as “expunged” on the record...whereas with a hacker, the record is completely eliminated.

“How to break into an iphone” (aka “How to break into an android phone”)

black hat hacker services for hire Many people need to gain access to someone else's mobile phone for a huge amount of reasons. Some people are trying to snoop on a friend, co-worker, boss, spouse or family member. Some people need to find dirt on someone else...while others are simply looking for the truth. Depending upon the type of phone, it may be harder or easier to hack. However, it is possible for hackers to remotely hack a phone and retrieve the password, photos, SMS [text messages], call records and contacts lists. This means the hacker does not need to have physical access to the phone itself. This remains one of the most very popular types of requests that hackers receive.

“How to change my final grade” (aka “How to hack college trancripts”)

Universities and colleges are all so very different in how their records are kept and cross between the various platforms they employ. However, hackers are able to penetrate any system and are capable of changing final grades no matter the school or system. Many people hire hackers to hack and change their college transcripts.

“How to see if my spouse is on a dating site” (aka “How to check dating sites for someone”)

Dating sites do not have that great of security and are reasonably affordable to have hacked. Hackers can scan these sites and find any profiles that match any related descriptions to your spouse (both using their real identity and prospective changes your spouse may have made to try and go undetected by you). Databases can be crawled and hackers can also supply you with your own fake accounts, and/or lifetime memberships to dating sites/apps.

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“How to see if my spouse is cheating on me” (aka “How to tell if my spouse is cheating on me”)

hire a hacker to detect if spouse is cheating There are a lot of places online where your spouse could be hooking up with others, putting themselves out there, or otherwise perpetrating unfaithfulness. Hackers have the unique ability to scan everything and truly grind down the internet (social media, photograph bases, databases, records of concerts and events, and all sorts of places) in order to find any records or evidence of your spouses' unfaithfulness.

“How to get Netflix for free” (and Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a variety of other sites)

Back in the day, descramblers would help the “old school hackers” decode satellite transmissions to get free satellite dish TV. Then there were hacked cable TV boxes, with special cards allowing for the user to enjoy all channels. Today, people use internet-based streaming services for TV-style entertainment, and hackers have caught up, offering lifetime netflix, hulu, and other streaming platforms for a discounted fee.

“How to get into adult sites for free”

People use hackers to get lifetime memberships to a variety of adult websites. Well known fact: adult sites get hacked all the time. Sometimes password lists are sold in grouped fashion. Other times, hackers are hired to infiltrate a particular site and retrieve all of the content.

“How to find someone”

Although hackers are not technically private investigators, they are experts at finding people. If you are trying to locate someone, lost touch with someone, or want to keep tabs on someone, a hacking service may very well be what you are looking for. If you want to find out what someone is up to...hackers have the ability to find out all sorts of information about people.

list of black hat hacking services available online for hire And there's many more where that came from! In general, these searches have nothing to do with hacking directly, but hackers are able to provide the answers to these questions...and black hat hackers are willing to cross a lot of moral boundaries. The prices typically vary from service to service, and even from job to each job is generally different, however, black hat programmers and hackers are usually very good about the consultation process (they have to be, as they must fully understand the job to provide a proper quote). Hackers can change final grades, gain access to social media accounts, hack iphones and facebooks, change official records and find out unfaithful spouses.

That said, it can be tough to jump right into finding and hiring a hacker. And the world of hacking can be a shady place, however, the truth is: it's just like any other industry, there are all sorts of shades of gray. Some of the black hat hacking services out there are more ethical than others (no pun intended) when it comes to rendering the actual service. Who should you trust? What can you do to protect yourself when hiring a hacker? How much does it cost? These are all very reasonable questions.

What Black Hat Programmers (or Hacker Services) Can Be Trusted?

Some of the landmark cues for a trustworthy black hat hacker include most notably the consultation process and the contingency payment option...

  • Consultation Process – Black hat hackers still need to understand the job. If a black hat programmer only wants to take your money, they will likely care very little about the job itself. Be weary of a hacker who does not want to take the time to make you feel comfortable, or answer your questions.
  • Contingency Payment – Understand that trust works both ways. The programmer does not want to be dealing with a deadbeat who won't pay (no matter what, it makes sense to work with paying customers, given black hat programmers are in such high demand in modern times). The client does not want to deal with a scammer, who never renders the service. Thus, it makes sense for both parties to accept some trust. The typical deal for reputable black hat hacker or programming services is paying half of the money up front. The other half of the money would be due after the client is satisfied with the hacking services.

How to Safely Get a Hacker

getting a hacker safely Getting a Black Hat Hacker safely is not so difficult. There are very easy measures that can be taken to protect one's identity, pay anonymously, and be able to communicate with the hacker all without risk. It is in the hacker's best interest that it is risk-free to contact them as well, as it will provide them the anonymity necessary for them to undertake unethical job offers. Review How to Hire Black Hat Hackers to read more about protecting yourself when communicating with and hiring a black hat hacking service.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Hacker? (or Black Hat Programmer)

There are so many hacking services available for an unlimited amount of needs. Some jobs are super simple and can be completed in a matter of hours or days. Other jobs are more complex and require weeks. Some projects still are so large, they even last months (building complex programs or infiltrating really serious databases for instance). Hackers charge differently depending upon a number of variables. Some jobs are charged flat rate while others are charged by the hour. Yet still, there are jobs which have unique payment structures (such as offering the hacker a percentage of the profits). Some hackers are more proficient than others, and some hackers only offer limited services. The price will vary depending upon the size and difficulty of the job, and the proficiency and experience of the hacking service. Review the list of Black Hat Programming and Hacking Services Available Online to find a general list of prices to expect for various black hat hacking services.

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Disclaimer: Mr Hyde, nor Drugs and Bad Ideas, can be responsible for anything you do. Ever. Period.

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I Used
I can vouch for him, he is a good hacker and was able to get the job done.
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+1 for top hat man! He helped me with an instagram hack.
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Try emailing top hat man ...

he was able to get me similar results, he wiped their entire drive and their phone. The price was reasonable.
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I need access to someones camera roll as they have photos of me and screenshots which i do not want them to have
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Yea, I used top hat man. He was clearly american, well at least knows proper english and his prices were good. I just confirmed my grades were actually changed.

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