Kava Kava: a Legal Stimulant High

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a tall shrub native to the South Pacific, with magical roots and stem used for medicinal and recreational purposes in ancient and modern times. Basically, Kava possesses awesome alkaloids with muscle relaxing properties and remains legal in the United States (nearly everywhere). The preparation of Kava is important in its effectiveness. That said, Kava can be prepared many ways. Some users prefer to brew Kava into a tea, which can make it a little more of a ritual...but traditional and regular users swear by this practice and insist it remains one of the best ways to take Kava. However, there are some newer techniques on the scene...


Vaping Kava: Can You Vape Kava and Does it Work?

Vaping Kava has become one of the latest ways for Kava enthusiasts to enjoy their Kava in form of a wax dab. The wax Kava "dab" is typically sold in 2-4 gram containers and simply loads into the concentration vaporizing pen. A G Slim substitute was used recently at a demonstration we attended. In less than a couple of minutes, a Kava user was able to vape the Kava and the effects were nearly immediately felt. The more he vaped, the greater the effects felt.

When vaporizing Kava, the temperature must be set to lower than 150 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burning up the Kavalactones and diminishing your high. Although Kava vaporizes at 175 to 200 degrees Celsius (347 to 392 Fahrenheit), the Kavalactones are what are important, so keep the set to low (under 150 Fahrenheit); However, using a G slim or most concentrate vaporizer pens (here is a good one) generally work automatically, regardless of their temperature setting. It is also possible to vaporize Kava powder or Kava extract powders in dry herb vaporizers. Kavalactones are the alkaloids which provide the desired effects and get you high.

Is Kava a Good Substitute for Kratom?

With the recent ban scare on Kratom, more and more Kratom users are looking for a good alternative that will provide similar effects to what they are used to. Considering many Kratom enthusiasts are daily users, it is imperative to find another psychoactive herb or plant that has similar effects to Kratom that can be taken daily. Kava provides the versatile ability to interact with the brain and stimulate the same type of neurotransmitters. When Kava is vaped, it provides an incognito high that can be done anywhere without causing any suspicion, while also allowing the user complete control over their high. The Kava high can be very easily cranked up or down to suit any occassion.How Effective is Kava?

Kava can provide extremely stimulating effects. When a good manufacturer is used, both Kava root powder and Kava extract alike (both in dry powder and wax forms) can be very strong. Weed, salvia and mushroom users have all reported enhanced affects after combining their dose with a little Kava. Generally, psychedelics are known to be enhanced with Kava. In small to medium doses, it provided a stimulating effect similar to good Kratom extracts. In heavier doses, it provided an opiate-like high and in the highest plateau, providing a strong sedative feeling. People are raving about Kava because of its "feel good" properties which gets rid of anxiety, provides social lubrication, muscle relaxation, increased concentration, and over all pain relief. It has been suggested that Kava provides additional serotonin and dopamine, which contribute to the "feel good" highs many have come to enjoy in similar compounds (usually which have to be prescribed).


Kava as a Social Drink

Kava has begun picking up popularity in other countries to the point many social gatherings take place at "Kava bars" rather than regular bars serving alcohol. Because Kava tea can be easily brewed in large batches and its effects create a social lubrication amongst its drinkers, Kava has become an extremely fun party drug. Kava tea is very easy to brew, the simplest version prepared by simply boiling Kava powder in water for a few moments. Due to its social-lubricating properties, along with the euphoric, stimulating high produced from just a couple of cups, Kava is also an effective substitute for alcohol.


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+1 #2 Emily Bakers 2016-12-17 10:33
I've vaped it before a few times. When not stocked all the time locally. But when it is, it makes for a really good weekend.
0 #1 DennisSlade 2016-12-17 07:34
didn't know kava was able to be administered so many different ways. that's neat

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