Improving Gaming Reflexes Using Nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

Update 2/22/2017: Read Do Certain Nootropics Improve Gaming Skills: Case Studies and see actual proof that nootropics can improve gaming skills, focus and reflexes.

Nootropic is a term coined by a Belgian pharmacist, Corneliu E. Giurgea and started out as a simple sleeping pill. However, quickly it was revealed to do the exact opposite: it kept people awake, alert, and very mentally clear. The ability to learn improved and retaining information became easier. It was also revealed to protect the brain against neurological damage. There are many types of nootropics today, all designed with very specific needs in mind. There are nootropics specific to improving all types of mental attributes and blends which provide multiple effects at once. Nootropics are commonly called "Smart Drugs".

Basically, Nootropics are drugs which improve mental functioning. Typically these drugs can improve memory, attention-span, creativity, social anxiety, energy, decision-making ability, reaction times and reflexes, as well as other important gaming skills. Nootropics possess neuroprotective effects, which means, they are great food for the brain! Some nootropics are used to treat mental impairments (such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia). Some nootropics are used by tech start ups, entrepreneurs, wall street titans and silicon valley moguls. And now nootropics have made their way into gaming, providing some gamers key advantages over others. Nootropics can provide that edge a gamer needs to improve focus, play better for longer hours, and improve gaming reflexes. Technically, to qualify as a "nootropic", a substance must meet a number of requirements which include:

  • a. It must enhance memory or ability to learn or provide other cognitive function improvements.
  • b. It must protect the brain and promote overall brain health.
  • c. It must increase the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms found in the cortical regions of the brain.
  • d. It must possess little to no side effects.
  • e. It must be essentially non-toxic.

These requirements generally keep nootropics safe, however, still ensure the substance is actually beneficial to the brain in a cognitive sense. As more people realize how effective nootropics have become, the global demand has continued to increase. That said, it really possible to improve your gaming reflexes, stay up longer and later, maintain better focus and decide better decisions faster all from some herbal capsule...if you pick the right capsule!

How and Why Nootropics Enhance Gaming Skills

Nootropics have been chosen for a variety of medicinal uses throughout history by many cultures. Traditionally, nootropics had been used to treat mental deficiencies caused by disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, and Parkinson's disease. However, in modern times, Nootropics have been used for mental and mood enhancements, as well as recreationally. Students are known for using Nootropics to improve memory and attention span during studying; additionally these drugs help students score higher and pass tests. Nootropics are used by body builders for endurance and energy; and similarly by martial artists to learn moves faster and increase reflexes during fighting. While there are thousands of uses and applications for Nootropics, gamers around the world have highlighted nootropics as powerful substitutes to caffeine, adderall and other stimulants. Gamers are able to play for longer durations while remaining mentally clear and with greater tenacity. Clicking and other split-second gaming decisions become much faster, as the brain can foster the most responsive environment. The reality is: most gamers notice drastically higher scores, instantly becoming more competitive and winning more while using Nootropics as a mental aid.


What Types of Nootropics Promote Faster Reflexes and Reaction Times While Gaming

While there are many different types of Nootropics, only a few of them will be relevant to improving gaming skills. There are some weaker nootropics which should be used each day to build up greater cognitive skills overtime, and then there are stronger nootropics which will provide an immediate boost upon consumption. The best Nootropics which provide essential benefits after they have been regularly consumed and "built up" in the brain include: L-theanine, ginkgo biloba and vipocetine. Additionally, the best Nootropics that will provide an instant cognitive improvement include: hericium erinaceus (lion's mane mushroom), bacopa monnieri, and huperzine a.

The following Nootropics have been proven to improve gaming skills and reflexes:

Nootropic: L-Theanine; Cognitive Awareness

L-theanine is found most commonly in black and green teas, and in large quantities. Theanine helps promote a more relaxed decision-making process and keeps users alert. While this may be felt right away, there is a greater benefit to be had by building up and drinking one cup a day. This way, the brain can become a quicker and more efficient thinker every day. Theanine is well known for building mental endurance. It is important to find a supplier that understands a more powerful tea is required to feel the effects of Theanine. Here is a good brand of tea that can be easily felt the first time, but also can be used daily to build up a stronger mental endurance. Pu'Erh is going to be the strongest option. Though, there are some other options, such as Matcha Green Tea Leaf.

Nootropic: Ginkgo Biloba; Enhanced Cognitive Function

Ginkgo Biloba is a well known, ancient-used medicine that is capable of helping enhance overall cognitive function. Ginkgo is native to China and has been used all throughout human history. It is also known to increase attention span and reduce mental fatigue, thus, Ginkgo makes for a good "mental fitness" drug. Ginkgo should be a part of every good gamer's daily arsenal of brain food.

Nootropic: Vinpocetine; Improved Memory

First isolated in 1978 by a Hungarian pharmacist, Csaba Szantay, vinpocetine is an extract from a periwinkle plant native to Eastern Europe. Vinpocetine was first commonly used to treat age-related memory deficiencies, however, very quickly was realized to provide improved cognitive development and cerebral metabolism. Including a little vinpocetine in the diet can help keep the brain clear and quick to the draw.

Nootropic: Hericium Erinaceus (Lion's Mane Mushroom); Mind and Mood Enhancer

The Lion's Mane Mushroom is becoming known for much more than its amazing nerve-regenerative properties. The highly reactive nootropic has become to receive incredible praise for the work its ability to improve cognitive function overall. In fact, quite literatlly, the nootropic was able to significantly increase the test scores of nearly all groups of subjects taking Lion's Mane over placebos. Lion's Mane also has an enormously favorable impact on both long term and short term memories; as well as increased cognitive capacity. Increased attention span, improved problem solving, and a greater interest in detail are typically EASILY observable. Additionally, an increase curiosity and creativity, along with improved social lubrication (moon enhancer). Pirate Effect is a good Lion's Mane product.

Nootropic: Bacopa Monnieri; Reduced Stress, Improved Mood and Attention Span

Trying to stay up late? Bacopa Monnieri is perfect for two things: increasing attention span and improving one's mood. Bacopa is native to India and is a small plant thriving in watery environments. It is also an adaptogen, which means it helps your body and mind naturally adapt and manage stress. This "improved way of sorting anxiety" helps clear the decision making process and improves memory. Attention span is drastically improved on Bacopa and users typically report increased ambition and creativity. Immediate benefits can be felt, however, it is also possible to feel a larger benefit from consecutive doses over the course of weeks.

Nootropic: Huperzine A; Legal Stimulant

And the best for last! Huperzine A is a natural legal stimulant that comes from a plant native to the tropics (organic). Huperzine greatly improves cognitive function, all around, and has been the go-to legal drug stimulant. Improved memory and mental function, increased attention span, and a burst of "almost cocaine-like" energy can be felt with the right huperzine. Most commonly, huperzine is compared to some strong adderall. Studies have provided huperzine as a safe alternative to adderall and other stimulants. Piratall is a great alternative to adderall, and uses a huperzine blend to produce the stimulant effects and improved attention span and reflexes, without any side effects.

Do Nootropics Really Work for Improving Gaming Skills?

Nootropics most certainly are real. And, in conclusion, nootropics can absolutely be used to improve certain core gaming skills (reaction times, better decision making, more clear focus, and longer attention spans). It is also possible to reduce fatigue with the right nootropics! Remember, the brain can be thought of as a computer part. The brain relies on both: the environment and the resources provided to it physically in form of herbs and chemicals, in order to process and provide decision making. It is possible to tweak the brain with natural herbs (like nootropics) known to release certain types of chemicals and reactions which improve focus, attention span, reaction time and overall reflexes.


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