How to Use Whip Cream to Get high

Can Whipped Cream Get You High?

Almost everyone has been to the dentist, or another doctor, and at least on one occasion, been offered nitrous oxide in order to perform a critical operation or surgery. Those who have experienced the nitrous oxide high knows how awesome "laughing gas" really is! Now while whipped cream itself contains no nitrous oxide, and thus cannot get you high...that does not mean there isn't a high to be found within the whipped cream canister itself.

Warning: Reading this article is reserved for individuals with at least half their brain cells left.

So How Are People Using Whipping Cream to Get high?

Modern recreational drug use has led to the abuse of whipped cream aerosol cans in order to get a cheap and effective n2o high at home or at parties. This trend has become known as doing "whippets". People are in fact getting high off of the nitrous oxide canisters which are found inside of the whipped cream canister. The way people have been using whipped cream canisters to get high, is by removing the n2o canister located within the can of whipped cream and extracting the nitrous oxide for inhalation. These canisters can be cheap and used to be plentiful in bulk boxes at nearly any local headshop. However, due to negative attention in the media, and a handful of celebrity mishaps [i.e. media reporting Demi Moore, for example, going to the hospital after allegedly trying a whippet], local smoke and vape shops have since been steering clear of stocking these products. However, there are still some reputable vendors online which are willing to sell bulk canisters to the average person for a cheap price.

How to Use Whipped Cream Canisters to Get high

To use a whipped cream canister without a whipped cream can (aerosol can it typically comes with), means having to crack open the n2o canister with something called an n2o cracker (or "nitrous cracker"). The device is typically made to separate into two halves, one cracking open the n2o canister itself, the other half used to attach a balloon (normal party balloons from any party store, or hallmark). The n2o is then released into the balloon. Typically, recreational nitrous users will use this cracker system to fill a balloon with 1-3 canisters (depending upon tolerance and the degree of "high" or buzz that the user is aiming for).

Mr Hyde says... Nitrous highs can be dangerous. Sometimes, when too much is used it will put the user to sleep. Other times, it can cause lips to turn blue. It is very easy to overdose (OD) on nitrous. And users should always allow the nitrous to cool inside the balloon before use.


The Best Buzz From Whippets

Now all that said, there are thousands of whipping cream suppliers out there, and even more suppliers for whipped cream N20 canisters. How do you know which whipping cream canisters work and which ones do not? It is true that some will leave black gunk inside a balloon (and also inside any n2o cracker and even in your throat and lungs if you were to inhale it). The best method is to select a proven n2o whipped cream refill canister that has already been reported to work with minimal adverse byproducts.

Warning: Users wishing to avoid frostbite in the mouth, lips, tongue, throat, and lungs, should allow the nitrous to reach room temperature after exiting the canister before inhaling. This generally means leaving the nitrous inside the balloon for a few minutes.

Mr Hyde says: You can find quality n2o whipped cream canister refills which are cheap and still safe and effective. BL-24 BlueWhip is an excellent brand and works with all crackers, for example.

Disclaimer: Mr Hyde and do not support the use of whipping canisters or whipped cream to get high. This article is purely for educational purposes only.

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