Making Your Own Ceremonial Kratom Tea

What Does Kratom Tea Do, Taste Like, and Feel Like?

Kratom is a fabulous party drug. People do not realize exactly how fun Kratom is, because they are often turned off by its pungent taste. This can be avoided though by using this Kratom tea recipe, or any other great tasting guide...or by using capsules. Kratom is typically enjoyed during social events because it provides an uplifting mood, extra confidence, and oftentimes a lot of positive energy. Many people compare a good Kratom strain to some good percocet! Kratom tea definitely feels like taking percocet. Kratom tea is especially marvelous, as it can be flavored! That said, it can taste like just about anything you enjoy already, diminishing the taste severely or altogether!

One of the best parts about Kratom is there is no real way to overdose. If you take too much, you will simply puke. Many people consider Kratom more effective and far more fun than drinking alcohol. In fact it is an extremely common substitute for alcohol and is often regarded as a much safer substance than alcohol; Some countries even substituting alcohol-serving bars for Kratom-serving bars (a tactic also used for Kava - click here to check out our How to Vape Kava to Get High write up). Kratom tea, simply put is a good time at any social gathering.

Kratom is not only enjoyed at social events as a party drug. Because of the energy inducing effects at lower doses, Kratom is frequently used to improve work output. Professionals turn to Kratom for an extra wind, to stay focused, and produce higher quality work over longer shifts. In higher doses, Kratom can act as a natural sedative, providing muscle-relaxing and "body high" type effects. In its highest dose, it will simply put the user to sleep...while a user who has taken too much will simply vomit, and then still enjoy the remaining positive effects. Thus Kratom remains a very safe, yet extremely fun high that doesn't show up on any drug test, can be taken in public, can be taken while at work, or for a party!

How to Make the Strongest Homemade Kratom Tea

Ingredients Required:

  • (30) grams of high quality Kratom (powdered or grinded works best for maximum surface area)
  • (2) liters of water
  • (1) large cooking pot
  • (1) stirring utensil (for the cooking pot, like a cooking spoon for example)
  • (1) cheese cloth or mesh straining device (screen must allow the water to pass through the mesh but retain the solid plant matter that is left behind)
  • (1) large pot (to collect the resulting tea as it is strained from the original cooking pot)
  • (2) fresh, plump lemons (the fresher the better)
  • (1-2) liters of your favorite fruit juice (depending upon how diluted the tea is desired)
  • (1) timer capable of 15 minute intervals

Best Kratom Tea Recipe [how-to, guide]

This recipe produces 4-6 cups of high quality, potent Kratom tea. This recipe is good enough to produce servings for 2-3 people that ensures effects will last 1 night for the average person. Keep in mind, heavier individuals require larger doses to feel the same effects. To make enough Kratom tea for an entire party that will last all night for 8-10 people, 100 grams of Kratom is the safest minimum contribution. Likewise, 5-7 liters of water would be used (and the same quantity of fruit juice as well). A larger recipe like this will require multiple cooks, as home burners can only support pots that are large enough for a more basic cook. If multiple cooks are required, the final results can be combined and stirred together, as to disperse the varying strengths of the resulted cooks throughout each other, making for an evenly distributed tea. That said, we will assume that 30 grams of Kratom and 2 liters of water are being used.

Step 1: Place the large cooking pot on stove burner, pour the 2 liters of water and combine the 30 grams of powdered Kratom.

Step 2: Stir gently for 20-30 seconds, to ensure the Kratom powder has a chance to evenly disperse throughout the water.

Step 3: Set burner temperature to a little higher than low (never breaking 125 degrees Fahrenheit is best). Allow 5 minutes for the pot to warm up before proceeding to the next step (adding lemon too early reduces the beneficial impact it has on the extraction process).

Step 4: Cut the lemons with one deep cut through each one, right through the center, that does not separate the lemon into two pieces (each lemon should still be one full lemon, only with a huge gash into its center).

Step 5: Hold each lemon over the pot and squeeze strong while moving hand in a circular fashion, as to distribute the dripping lemon juice as much as possible.

Mr Hyde says... It is always best to use fresh, plump lemons to get the strongest resulting Kratom tea. The lemons act as a catalyst (along with the heat). They work to help the active ingredient, mitragyna speciosa, escape from the plant material easier.

Step 6: Set the timer to 15 minutes, this will allow a little "simmering time" and let the lemon juice really sink in and do its job.

Step 7: Stir for 3-5 minutes.

Step 8: Timer 15 minutes, being sure to still keep an eye on the pot and occasionally stir.

Step 9: After 15 minutes have passed, this is a more serious check, as it is the last chance to make any adjustments to the levels (water or more Kratom). Adding any extra Kratom or water to pot after this point will mean wasting Kratom, as it won't have enough time to reach its full extraction before the cook is complete.

Step 10: Timer 15 mins, being sure to continue to monitor the cook and occasionally stir.

Step 11: Repeat step 10, at least 1 more time; however, it may be repeated additional times until a satisfactory portion remains (some people enjoy stronger Kratom than others). The longer the mixture is kept on the heat from here forward, the stronger it will make the Kratom, but in less quantity, as it is the water will continue to evaporate.

Step 12: After a satisfactory portion has been reached, take the pot off the heat and turn the burner off. Allow the pot to cool for 10 minutes before continuing.

Step 13: Pour the mixture through the cheesecloth or straining device, straining the solid Kratom (plant material) out of the liquid. This liquid which is now free of all Kratom plant material, is the Kratom tea.

Note: Some people choose to set this resulting tea aside, and using the plant material, repeating the entire process in an attempt to fully extract any remaining mitragyna speciosa. While there probably is some of the desired alkaloids left in this material, it oftentimes is not worth it to repeat the process, only to end up diluting the very strong substance already produced from the first cook. So most people just dispose of this "spent" plant material and move on to enjoy their fresh Kratom tea!

This is the most basic resulting Kratom tea. It can be consumed exactly in this state, however, it is horrible tasting. Thus it is going to be best for all partaking individuals to mix their portion with their own favorite fruit juice. This also gives each person the ability to control the strength of their beverage (diluting the Kratom further with more fruit juice will lead to a weaker beverage, while one can contrastingly take actual shots of the concentrated tea).


Remember: Just like any other recipe, the resulting product is only as good as the care that went into the cook. Caring about the cook the entire time is much better than setting a timer and walking away; so while using a timer is encouraged, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on the pot throughout the full cook, stirring frequently.

How to Use Kratom Tea

To enjoy Kratom tea, it is best to combine it with your favorite fruit juice. Because Kratom reacts to carbonation by foaming up, it is not recommended to use any carbonated products. It will not ruin the Kratom itself, however, the foam makes the Kratom very hard to swallow and will frequently induce vomiting before any can be consumed. The best fruit juices are typically those which have a stronger taste. Because Kratom does not have the best taste, the stronger tasting fruit juices are capable of making the drink consumable while diluted fruit juices fail to reduce the pungency.

Consuming the Kratom tea should be done in increments as to avoid overconsumption too quickly. However, in the same respect, enough should be consumed in a short enough duration to actually feel the effects. Typically 1 cup is enough for someone who does not have any tolerance built up...while 2 cups may be necessary for someone with tolerance. Of course, this is all relative to how strong the Kratom tea was brewed. The entire starting dose should be consumed even spread over a 20 minute period. Additional cups can be consumed in longer durations (30, 40, and 50 minute increments). Sip throughout the time to avoid consuming too much at once, which can create unnecessary nausea.

Kratom tea is best consumed with other people, as it is a major social lubricant. Think beer pong was fun with beer? You can play beer pong with anything, including Kratom tea. It would just be suggested to dilute the liquid a little more...because Kratom tea is typically far stronger than alcohol would be more like taking shots than drinking beer.

Remember: Kratom tea can survive about 2-3 days in the refrigerator and retain most of its potency, however, it will never be as strong as the day it was brewed...and it will begin to spoil after 3 days. It lasts only 1 day unrefrigerated.

Consuming Kratom Other Ways

Kratom tea is not the only way to enjoy Kratom. Lots of people choose to use Kratom other ways too. Some folks enjoy to use their Kratom straight up, in a powdered form...this is called "toss and washing". The powder is thrown onto the tongue, and then a huge swig of water washes it down. Not the most appealing taste, but it's a fast delivery method if one does not have time to brew up a batch of tea. It's also more convenient for daily Kratom users. Just like tea, the powder reaches the stomach, and fast. However, tea's big advantages are: it will taste much better, and it is going to be a lot stronger (since we're adding the catalysts of lemon and heat to the mixture).

Some people prefer to take their Kratom tea cooks a few steps farther to produce a stronger end product. This end result is known as "Kratom resin". To make the Kratom resin, one would pour the Kratom tea into a glass baking dish (after the remaining, empty plant matter has been strained from the mixture). The liquid is then baked on 225-325 heat for 1-4 hours, until it becomes a hardened glass-looking solid substance. The glass-like look will occur after enough of the liquid has dissipated through evaporation and will leave a much thinner sheet. This does mean less Kratom in the end, but it is much stronger and known as a "Kratom extract". The Kratom is then scraped from the glass dish and either rolled into "resin logs" or ground up into an extract powder. Resin logs can be placed under the tongue or side of the mouth (warning: very sour tasting, though it's worth it and after a few minutes the analgesic properties of the Kratom will numb the mouth and tongue, so it won't continue to taste bad). It can also be swallowed like a pill. Extract powder is a little more manageable, a drier substance (requires more baking time than the resin version), and can be ground through a simple coffee grinder.

Warning: Using a coffee grinder to turn solid Kratom extract resin into a powder will leave traces of the Kratom resin in the use either an older grinder that is no longer cared about, or be sure to take the grinder apart and clean it up afterwards to prevent the resin from solidifying in the grinder and permanently locking the gears shut. Some grinders work better than others (typically mechanical, hand spinning grinder [even the small old fashioned kind] work better. Handmade grinders are typically constructed better (wooden parts seem to trump metal parts in this case). The end resulting substance is measured and determines the potency. For example, if a recipe started with 10 grams of Kratom powder only produced 1 gram of Kratom extract, the extract is considered 10:1 strength.

Although vendors will sell a more refined, better packaged and often stronger product (using commercial grade equipment often does this all much more efficiently), but this method can still be used to make your own Kratom extract at home.


Disclaimer: Kratom has been under attack by a number of organizations. Although the DEA has backed off from potentially banning the active ingredient, Mitragyna Speciosa, many states have independently banned the substance. Currently, have banned Kratom. Although there are some vendors who are still producing high quality Kratom and Kratom extracts, most vendors have backed off and are shying away from the substance due to the negative attention in the media. If you are going to enjoy Kratom, in any form, please remember to check all local, state and national laws for your country/territory first!

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