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How to Get High Legally, in Public Without Detection

A lot of people are looking for substitutes from harder drugs and narcotics. Looking for alternatives that will still let them get high, sometimes even in public, without anyone ever knowing anything is going on. Some of these people are coming from things like crack cocaine, heroin, PCP, spice, and a variety of other hard drugs. It can be tough to beat some of these drugs. But...with the use of some softer drugs, that still do the job, it is possible to beat nearly any addiction, by simply substituting it for another habit. So...what's the best incognito high? Fortunately there are a lot of options, and we're talking way better than cough syrup!

Piratall - Legal Stimulant

One amazing legal high that can be done in public, is Piratall, a huperzine product. This is also made by Pirate Botanicals, who we consider a trustworthy supplier of legal drugs that actually get you high. This is a high-charged stimulant type of high that focuses on substituting for meth or crack...though it is most comparable to a legal version of Adderall that anyone can buy online (or over the counter, though it is rarely encountered in head shops due to how well it works). Ever since the "spice scare", head shops have been hesitant to sell products that actually get you high. But this doesn't make it hard to get. Piratall is easily purchased online. Piratall is a natural and organic stimulant guaranteed to jack you up!


Kava Kava - Legal Opium-type high/ Social alcohol alternative

Something that will still hit the spot and give a buzz you can feel is Kava. Mr Hyde recently wrote an article called "Can Vaping Kava Get You High" and it has generated a lot of interest...because people want to know more about Kava. Kava is a very real substitute for a lot of hard drugs, as well as other softer drugs which are also under target by the DEA and FDA (things like Kratom, for example). Kava is a really great one because of how effective it is. Kava can be taken many different ways, though the most common (and most effective) are going to be brewing a tea (takes 5 minutes, really easy to do) and vaping it. Vaping Kava can be done with all concentrate dab pens, or other concentrate vaporizers. Vaping Kava is a different experience than brewing a tea. The Kava tea hits more like a super strong sedative...while vaping Kava feels more like...taking an opium hit...or ingesting a percocet. Both versions are legal and Kava, although it is just recently beginning to pick up in popularity within the United States. It is possible to smoke Kava as well, which provides a very intense opium type of effect, however, it's kind of messing and bubbles up and thus remains much easier to vaporize it. Kava Kava is also a cheap drug. Even the higher quality providers like Pirate Kava (from Pirate botanicals), costs under $10, and that's good enough for 2 people for one night.

Kanna Root Extract - Legal Sedative

There are solutions for just about every type of drug out there. If you are looking for a legal sedative that will work as strong as a xanax or valium type of pill would work, a great alternative is Kanna root extract. This is legal in almost all of the United States (minus Louisiana) and it is super safe to take. There has never been a better natural and organic sedative that is comparable to medically prescribed pain pills and anxiety medicines than the Kanna root. Kanna root is easy to scale, as the more you take, the more sedating the experience becomes...though the recommended dosage with a good supplier is generally adequate (click here for a high quality Kanna root extract).

Kratom - Legal Pain Pills and Organic Pain Pill Alternative

No drug has helped more people beat other hard drugs than Kratom. Kratom is such a great drug, as it feels awesome, uplifting, and works as a powerful mood enhancer...while also killing all pain! This drug will get you high, can be used as a recreational and social drug (it is a social lubricant), and it is extremely safe to take (there have been no TRUE deaths associated to only Kratom, where the deceased had not also massively abused other narcotics). Kratom is very safe and overdosing simply causes nausea. Kratom can be brewed into a tea, toss and washed, or, like Kava, even vaporized or smoked (much less desirable as it creates a mess and ruins the smoking or vaping apparatus, but it does work to create a deep opium type of trance). The problem is, Kratom has been banned in most countries, and in 7 states within the United States (check out Mr Hyde's guide entitled: Is The DEA Banning Kratom in the USA to keep tabs on Kratom's legal status in a particular state). For this reason, the good times from Kratom are limited and soon it will likely be outlawed in nearly all if it's still legal in yours, get your Kratom while it lasts!

Note: I suggest trying both, Pirate Kratom as well as Pirate Kratom Gold (their extract) from Pirate Botanicals, as they both provide very different experiences - the extract is a stronger high, however, the Pirate Kratom (toss and washed, OR brewed into a tea), is an EXCELLENT SOCIAL DRUG...brewing a huge pot of Kratom tea, kind of like a jungle juice alternative, is an AWESOME party drug idea and will be a party to be remembered! Kratom generally makes everyone have a better time and get along! Let the good times roll!


Other Nootropic Highs

Most people associate nootropics with "smart drugs" - however, they fail to understand that taking nootropics in large quantities can sometimes bring about a euphoria, a really great high. You just have to understand which drugs will do this. Huperzine A was mentioned above, it is sold best in form as Piratall, however, there are other nootropics that are offered by the same people which can be used for other types of highs. People seriously underestimate Bacopa Monnieri, which is traditionally used, ceremonially, as a stress reliever (kind of like our modern day Xanax), but it also totally clears the mind, inducing a SUPER CONCENTRATED STATE! It is very commonly used as a pain reliever, and a very effective one at that! Vinpocetine is another sincerely underestimated nootropic. This drug will absolutely PUMP YOU UP if you take enough. Buying it from a good supplier, means getting the highest quality, best working Vinpocetine, and it will provide the biggest "energy boost" possible. This is used by athletes as a substitute for steroids. It's legal and just as effective as taking illegal roids...but without the terrible side effects suffered from taking steroids. It's organic, and cleanses the body while completely JACKING THE USER UP (available as "PIRATE CHARGE")! And finally, last but absolutely worth mentioning: Lion's Mane Mushroom. This is a very interesting nootropic, as it creates a VERY healthy state in the brain, while still giving the user absolutely INCREDIBLE EUPHORIA! It is able to improve memory, thought-formation, logical reasoning, and even induce lucid dreaming. It can be used as a legal hallucinogen (this is available in form of Pirate Effect).

Special offer: Pirate Botanicals offers a variety of nootropic products that actually work...including everything mentioned in this article. Mr Hyde has provided us a promotional code to save free shipping on any PB orders... just enter his name: HYDE, when you are checking out in the promo codes and you will get free shipping!

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0 #3 ko 2017-11-26 05:51
phenibut is missing from this list
0 #2 Matt 2017-03-28 07:30
Yea, Kratom is a gem I wish would stay around, but I will enjoy it while it lasts. : )
+1 #1 Wombat37 2017-02-07 03:28
thanks for showing where to find them. it is hard to find legal drugs that actually work. I live in the united states, so they are always banning everything but it's not as bad as the UK at least.

soon they will ban kratom, but I am going to try kava and some other things. thank you.

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