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Finding The Best Kratom Brand You Can Buy Online

Update: Kratom is still legal in the United States, however, you may want to review our Kratom Legal Status In the USA post, which still maintains an update on the states which have banned Kratom.

Kratom is a legal ethnobotanical grown and cultivated in tropical regions. Kratom has recently picked up in popularity in Western culture and is a common substitute for alcohol (as a social lubricant and party drug), opium (commonly used to beat herion addiction, as it still provides a really good high that is legal, safe, and organic), and a variety of other drugs. An entire culture now understands exactly how great Kratom is! Kratom is extremely fun and with no hangover. Using Kratom is easy and merely needs to be consumed.

Because of its legal status, ease of use, and strong pain relieving effects, Kratom remains one of the most preferred legal drugs in the United States. Best of all, Kratom gives a powerful high that doesn't show up on drug tests and does not cause debilitating addiction. In fact, people frequently work more efficiently, for longer durations while on Kratom. Most states have left Kratom alone, and it remains legal, despite being considered by many to offer over-the-counter pain relief.

When it comes to the type of Kratom (strain, origin, effects, etc.), finding a good vendor is critical! To make it even harder, Kratom comes in all types and qualities. Unfortunately, while one vendor may sell a really great Green Malaysian variety, another may offer the same strain, but of terrible quality (completely bunk and ineffective)!


Best Kratom Vendor Awarded 2017

We have taken the leg work out of testing various vendors, and have selected the best Kratom vendor online. The contestants included the following brands (and focused on both powder and extract, as well as Kratom tea): Experience Kratom , Eden's Ethnos, DA PIMP Kratom, O.P.M.S. Kratom, Coastline Kratom, Odyssey (pro kratom), Captain Kratom, Vivazen (and vicozen), and Phoenix Kratom.

Pirate Kratom

"Pirate Kratom" by Pirate Botanicals was recognized as the Best Kratom Vendor Online in 2017. Pirate Kratom is high quality Super Enhanced Maeng Da. Samples were taken in form of: Pirate Kratom Original (normal kratom powder), Pirate Kratom Original (taken as a tea), and Pirate Kratom Gold (Kratom Extract 10:1).

Pirate Kratom can be found here.

Making Ceremonial Kratom Tea

After you have bought your Kratom, you may wish to take it toss and wash style (place 1 gram in palm, toss into mouth, wash down with juice or water), you may wish to mix it with your favorite fruit juice, or you may wish to brew it into a fabulous cup of ceremonial Kratom tea. Ceremonial tea is easy to make and is one of the preferred ways to enjoy Kratom's the maximum potency! Check out our article on Brewing Your Own Kratom Tea at Home.

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