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Smart Drugs Proven to Help You Score Better On Exams and Other Tests

Written by Mr Hyde
Smart drugs proven to improve cognitive ability and test scores

Are There Smart Drugs that can Improve Test Scores?

Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

One of the first things people wonder after hearing about smart drugs is "Can I use smart drugs to improve my studying and get better test scores?" Movies like Limitless (Bradley Cooper) have glorified fictional drugs such as NZT, as smart drugs which can unlock one's potential to access and use their entire brain and all its potential! While NZT may not be a real drug, similar drugs do exist. Real smart drugs exist and remain legal in the United States and around the world. And real smart drugs work to help the brain function at its maximum potential. And yes, smart drugs can be used to improve studying and improve testing scores on exams, standardized tests and other assessments. In fact, there are already several proven studies which have indicated exam and test takers are at a significant advantage when taking smart drugs before an exam.1

The fact of the matter is, cognitive enhancement by way of nootropics and smart drugs has become such a major issue at major universities, that the collective staff, board, and even individual professors alike, have begun worrying about the "unfair advantage" it provides dosing students. The hardest obstacle?: smart drugs cannot be found on a drug test. Students are able to take as much as they want, and professors never know. Many professors advocate the development of a drug test to detect a smart drug...which would mean students urinating into a cup before taking a test. This is a far-fetched plan which is never going to happen, leaving students free to continue to consume smart drugs for studying and before taking an exam.2

Ultimately, neither the professors nor universities can stop students from taking smart drugs. And there are many reasons for students to want to use smart drugs. Besides the fact that they usually have no side effects whatsoever, are completely organic and safe, smart drugs have also been proven to increase test scores. In fact, several studies have revealed exam and test score increases of easily up to and over 25 percent from the use of smart drugs and cognitive enhancing nootropics;2 and digging deeper revealed some sources indicating it was possible to improve test scores by as much as 50 PERCENT!

Studying With Smart Drugs: What Smart Drugs Improve Test Scores & Test Taking

So, what smart drugs will help improve cognitive function, enhance studying and improve test taking abilities, ultimately leading to higher test and exam scores? Although there are many cognitive enhancers which can improve test taking, a few stand out as the strongest forerunners, leading the way, Ivy League-style!

#1 Huperzine A - Best Cognitive Enhancer, Nootropic, "Smart Drug" for Studying & Test Taking

Huperzine A is the absolute hottest smart drug and cognitive enhancer as it provides the biggest brain boost. Nearly anyone who tries a reputable Huperzine product will swear by its ability to improve test taking and exam scores. Huperzine A lets the brain reach its maximum potential and has been dubbed the "smartest drug for studying and test taking," and that's even better than Adderall!

Here is a study of a sample of 6 student testing scores with the same amount of studying, and keeping each environment as close as possible throughout each trial (same breakfast, same day of the week, same time of the day, same amount of overall preparation, same lighting, same testing room, etc):

All 6 students saw significantly better exam scores after taking Piratall 30 minutes before the test.3

#2 Bacopa Monnieri - Brain Relaxer and Cognitive Stress Relief

Bacopa Monnieri is a natural brain relaxer and allows the mind to reach a calmed state...absolutely perfect right before a test. It is a natural stress-reliever and allows the brain to function in a clear and level state. It also provides minor memory and concentration enhancements. While Bacopa Monnieri is taken very well by itself, it also works great with Huperzine A.

Here is a study of a sample of 4 students testing scores with the same amount of studying and keeping each environment as close as possible throughout each trial:

All 4 students scored better after taking Pirate Relief 30 minutes before the test. Most students claimed the biggest advantage was having zero stress. Although Pirate Relief is an organic smart drug, one student claimed it was "better than xanax and I was much smarter than my normal brain power can provide on its own."3

#3 Lion's Mane - The Ancient Mental Enhancer

Although it is not as strong or effective as a good Huperzine a smart drug, Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) has been used for centuries to enhance the memory and improve overall brain function. Just like Huperzine a, however, there are many preparations of Lion's Mane Mushroom. It is important to find the correct manufacturer or supplier/vendor, who can provide an extract specific for cognitive enhancement.

#4 Ginkgo Biloba - The Underestimated Memory Enhancer

Ginkgo Biloba is a hidden gem and goes massively underestimated. Although it is nowhere near as powerful or capable as the above mentioned smart drugs, it absolutely possesses intensified focus and drastically improves attention-span. It is also a well known memory enhancer.

Taking Smart Drugs to Improve Test Scores

Achieving the brain's greatest potential means giving it resources and "brain food" that it cannot naturally produce on its own. Smart drugs are a way to get these "special resources" to the brain, so that it can unlock its truest and greatest potential. Ultimately, smart drugs really do work to improve studying, increase focus, enhance the formation of new memories, increase calculation and memory recall speeds, and "access" the brain's fullest potential!


1: Husain, M. and Mehta, M., (2011). Cognitive Enhancement by Drugs. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Vol. 15(1), pp 28-36.
2: Collier, R. and Kondro, W., (2009). Smart Drugs. CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal. Vol 181(10), pp E236.
3: Cassidy, P. (2017). Does Piratall Actually Work? A Review of Pirate Botanicals 2017. Crinsz Monthly Journal. Richmond, VA. Vol 3(1), pp 1-2.

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Smart Drugs that Enhance Cognitive Function and Are Taking Over Silicon Valley & Dorm Rooms Everywhere

Written by Mr Hyde
Smart Drugs That Work

The Smart Drugs Entrepreneurs and College Students Are Taking to Get Ahead

smart drugs that improve mental abilities

Why Entrepreneurs and College Students Are Taking Smart Drugs

Silicon Valley belongs to the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area. While the valley is located in northern California, it is more famously known for its heaping surplus of high-tech companies, all competing for the business and technology spotlight (and many times market shares). This intense competition can create a surmounting pressure on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. There are pressures of all sorts from performing better than the competition, to releasing products faster than the other company, to a variety of other stressful situations. College students are forced to meet insane deadlines and study all night, before being forced to focus all day...and then the day repeats.

smart drugs that improve mental focus For these reasons, entrepreneurs, students and professionals alike turn to smart drugs that help give them a mental edge. Some prefer smart drugs that provide mental clarity and maximize creativity, while other professionals are looking for increased focus, energy and attention span. No matter the reason, there are smart drugs for nearly everything. Typically the smart drugs popular in Silicon Valley are also known as "Nootropics." A Nootropic is a substance that enhances memory, cognitive ability or function, protects the brain and promotes overall brain health, is non-toxic, and possesses no side effects. That is what makes it so popular amongst intelligent people, they provide proven cognitive enhancements or benefits in the brain with no side effects.

The benefits are truly amazing, and can allow one to unlock the full capability of their brain. Entrepreneurs work faster, harder, and smarter on nootropics and smart drugs. However, it turns out that entrepreneurs and other professionals are not the only ones who benefit from these smart drugs. They can help anyone. Students study better as they have better control over their ability to form new memories. Artists paint better as they have greater creative control over their brain. These smart drugs have made it easier for one to unlock their brain's full potential, than ever before.


Do Smart Drugs Really Work and Enhance Cognitive Acuity?

For those of you wondering if the drug NZT from the movie Limitless is real, the answer is No. However, if you are wondering if there are real smart drugs that provide realistic enhancements and work to increase cognitive acuity, the answer is astoundingly YES! There are real smart drugs that provide cognitive enhancements to memory, decision making, focus, attention-span, calculation speeds, communication, motivation, and a variety of other necessities of success. The below smart drugs are capable of enhancing cognitive acuity.

Smart Drugs Entrepreneurs and Students Take to Improve Cognitive Function, Memory and Mental Efficiency

smart drugs that improve memory and studying Many smart drugs are used in Silicon Valley and by entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to enhance cognitive function, memory and overall mental sharpness. However, the best have been well-identified and for that reason are considered the "essential smart drugs for increasing cognitive function and ability" and are well-known and commonly used in Silicon Valley, by Entrepreneurs and for studying.

Huperzine A

Smart Drug / Nootropic mixes that contain Huperzine A are absolutely ideal for truly WAKING THE BRAIN UP! Mental clarity, mental stimulation, actual focus and attention-span increases, motivation and mood enhancing, and an overall better control and use of one's brain comes from the right Huperzine A stack or product. Piratall is an organic smart drug commonly used by entrepreneurs, university students, and other professionals of all sorts to give them that extra cognitive edge and achieve their best. When Huperzine is used correctly, it is a safe mental boost that can make the difference between zero and hero, every single day. Huperzine A is considered to be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to using smart drugs to achieve greater success and maximize potential.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri produces a natural relaxation. A feeling of relief, which allows the brain to de-stress and focus on work. When the brain is relaxed, it is easier to focus on one thing. There are many nootropics products which produce Bacopa Monnieri stacks specifically designed for relief. Bacopa Monnieri typically provides a minor mood boost as well, making it a favorite in the universities and Silicon Valley, where fun is still a priority amongst work. While it is not as strong of a cognitive advantage as Huperzine A, it provides the right boost for the right type of individual. Bacopa Monnieri is the smart drug very commonly used by artists, graphic designers, authors, and others depending upon a flow of creativity.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane (also known as Hericium Erinaceus), is a general mind and mood enhancer with nerve-regenerative properties. It is well known for improving overall cognitive function and has been proven to increase testing scores. It is also well known to improve memory (the formation of both short and long term). Lion's Mane is also considered a social lubricator, a sort of, light "legal depressant" similar to alcohol, without the intoxicating effects. For this reason, it is the smart drug commonly used by salespersons looking to increase their overall sales.


What's the Best Smart Drug to Improve the Brain's Function and Overall Cognitive Ability?

smart drugs that enhance cognitive function

Hands down, Huperzine A is the best there is for cognitive enhancement overall. It enhances focus, memory, and calculation speeds. It provides the greatest creativity, attention-span and energy. It also provides the best motivation, mental stimulation and clarity. Click here for the best rated huperzine a Smart Drug tested in our last case study!

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