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Smart Drugs that Enhance Cognitive Function and Are Taking Over Silicon Valley & Dorm Rooms Everywhere

Written by Mr Hyde
Smart Drugs That Work

The Smart Drugs Entrepreneurs and College Students Are Taking to Get Ahead

smart drugs that improve mental abilities

Why Entrepreneurs and College Students Are Taking Smart Drugs

Silicon Valley belongs to the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area. While the valley is located in northern California, it is more famously known for its heaping surplus of high-tech companies, all competing for the business and technology spotlight (and many times market shares). This intense competition can create a surmounting pressure on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. There are pressures of all sorts from performing better than the competition, to releasing products faster than the other company, to a variety of other stressful situations. College students are forced to meet insane deadlines and study all night, before being forced to focus all day...and then the day repeats.

smart drugs that improve mental focus For these reasons, entrepreneurs, students and professionals alike turn to smart drugs that help give them a mental edge. Some prefer smart drugs that provide mental clarity and maximize creativity, while other professionals are looking for increased focus, energy and attention span. No matter the reason, there are smart drugs for nearly everything. Typically the smart drugs popular in Silicon Valley are also known as "Nootropics." A Nootropic is a substance that enhances memory, cognitive ability or function, protects the brain and promotes overall brain health, is non-toxic, and possesses no side effects. That is what makes it so popular amongst intelligent people, they provide proven cognitive enhancements or benefits in the brain with no side effects.

The benefits are truly amazing, and can allow one to unlock the full capability of their brain. Entrepreneurs work faster, harder, and smarter on nootropics and smart drugs. However, it turns out that entrepreneurs and other professionals are not the only ones who benefit from these smart drugs. They can help anyone. Students study better as they have better control over their ability to form new memories. Artists paint better as they have greater creative control over their brain. These smart drugs have made it easier for one to unlock their brain's full potential, than ever before.


Do Smart Drugs Really Work and Enhance Cognitive Acuity?

For those of you wondering if the drug NZT from the movie Limitless is real, the answer is No. However, if you are wondering if there are real smart drugs that provide realistic enhancements and work to increase cognitive acuity, the answer is astoundingly YES! There are real smart drugs that provide cognitive enhancements to memory, decision making, focus, attention-span, calculation speeds, communication, motivation, and a variety of other necessities of success. The below smart drugs are capable of enhancing cognitive acuity.

Smart Drugs Entrepreneurs and Students Take to Improve Cognitive Function, Memory and Mental Efficiency

smart drugs that improve memory and studying Many smart drugs are used in Silicon Valley and by entrepreneurs and professionals around the world to enhance cognitive function, memory and overall mental sharpness. However, the best have been well-identified and for that reason are considered the "essential smart drugs for increasing cognitive function and ability" and are well-known and commonly used in Silicon Valley, by Entrepreneurs and for studying.

Huperzine A

Smart Drug / Nootropic mixes that contain Huperzine A are absolutely ideal for truly WAKING THE BRAIN UP! Mental clarity, mental stimulation, actual focus and attention-span increases, motivation and mood enhancing, and an overall better control and use of one's brain comes from the right Huperzine A stack or product. Piratall is an organic smart drug commonly used by entrepreneurs, university students, and other professionals of all sorts to give them that extra cognitive edge and achieve their best. When Huperzine is used correctly, it is a safe mental boost that can make the difference between zero and hero, every single day. Huperzine A is considered to be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to using smart drugs to achieve greater success and maximize potential.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri produces a natural relaxation. A feeling of relief, which allows the brain to de-stress and focus on work. When the brain is relaxed, it is easier to focus on one thing. There are many nootropics products which produce Bacopa Monnieri stacks specifically designed for relief. Bacopa Monnieri typically provides a minor mood boost as well, making it a favorite in the universities and Silicon Valley, where fun is still a priority amongst work. While it is not as strong of a cognitive advantage as Huperzine A, it provides the right boost for the right type of individual. Bacopa Monnieri is the smart drug very commonly used by artists, graphic designers, authors, and others depending upon a flow of creativity.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane (also known as Hericium Erinaceus), is a general mind and mood enhancer with nerve-regenerative properties. It is well known for improving overall cognitive function and has been proven to increase testing scores. It is also well known to improve memory (the formation of both short and long term). Lion's Mane is also considered a social lubricator, a sort of, light "legal depressant" similar to alcohol, without the intoxicating effects. For this reason, it is the smart drug commonly used by salespersons looking to increase their overall sales.


What's the Best Smart Drug to Improve the Brain's Function and Overall Cognitive Ability?

smart drugs that enhance cognitive function

Hands down, Huperzine A is the best there is for cognitive enhancement overall. It enhances focus, memory, and calculation speeds. It provides the greatest creativity, attention-span and energy. It also provides the best motivation, mental stimulation and clarity. Click here for the best rated huperzine a Smart Drug tested in our last case study!

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Do Certain Nootropics Really Improve Gaming Reflexes?

Written by Mr Hyde
Can Nootropics Improving Gaming Reflexes

Nootropics Proven to Improve Gaming Skills With Case Studies

Improving Gaming Skills With Nootropics: An Experiment

In modern times, more and more gamers are given the opportunity to compete for the bigger prizes. The world is now extremely connected, and that connection is now extremely reliable in nearly all corners of the globe; and thus gamers are able to compete in tournaments with little to no geographic limitations. The more gamers competing for the top ranks in the world, the harder the competition.

Athletes have a similar problem and those who worked hardest, put in the most time and fully committed to being the best: became the best. Some athletes realize there are extra gains to be had by using steroids and choose to use in order to always win. In the high-pressure gaming world, competition is also widespread and every advantage matters! Fortunately, the "steroids of the gaming world" tends to be far safer than the steroids athletes use. Some nootropics are able to give gamers the extra "edge" they are looking for to come out on top easier! In order to determine exactly how well nootropics can improve gaming reflexes, focus, and give an extra advantage to a gamer during play, we have decided to conduct a semi-official experiment.

Experiment: How Effective Are Nootropics In Improving Video Gaming Skills, Focus and Reflexes?

For the purpose of this experiment, we have chosen one of the most popular nootropic products on the market currently used for focus and concentration, Piratall. Piratall is made by Pirate Botanicals, and it is an organic "adderall" substitute. Piratall dominantly relies on its proprietary Huperzine A formula to spark the intensified concentration and focus that boasts overall gaming improvement and faster reflexes. So, let's put the product to the test and see how it does with three individual gamers.

Each gamer in the experience has their own case study, and each case study has measured the gamer's performance in 3 different video games, 2 separate times: on Piratall and off Piratall. Each test included measuring the gamer at multiple points throughout the night.

Nootropics and Gaming: Case Study #1

Case Study #1, Brandy, is a full time student and part time FPS (first person shooter) gamer. She plays approximately 40 hours per week, and competes in several local, regional and national competitions in order to earn money on the side during school. Brandy allowed us to record her performance for one night while not taking any medications, mind-altering substances, or nootropics, including Piratall...and again for one night the following week while using a single dose of Piratall 1 hour before her game time began. Brandy was measured for 6 hours straight both times, playing the same game each time: CS GO. The scores are the averages for each hour.

Case Study #1: Recorded Gaming Scores

Brandy's Observations: "I'm thoroughly impressed. Significant measurable differences have been obviously recorded. As a gamer, I could feel the difference in my thought process and the speed of my reaction was impressively increased. Huperzine a is a mental boost like no other I have ever experienced. I am very careful about what I put into my body, so after doing research and realizing this is actually safe, I was excited to learn there are people that use it daily with no side effects and no tolerance buildup. A gamer's wildest dream is to feel like they can play forever without ever getting tired, and always stay at the top of the scoreboard, which is what I have experienced on this. "

Nootropics and Gaming: Case Study #2

Case Study #2, Don Anthony, is a part time gamer, playing an average of 20 hours a week, competing only occasionally in "unofficial" tournaments hosted through STEAM and other player-networks. Don Anthony plays World of Warcraft, and several other MMOs, as well as Battlefield 1, and a couple of other FPS games. Don Anthony was recorded for 4 hours on a Saturday night of gaming, playing 2 different games: World of Warcraft and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare; and again recorded for 4 additional hours the following Saturday night, playing the same two games, starting 1 hour after taking Piratall. The COD scores below are Don Anthony's averages for each hour.

Case Study #2: Recorded Gaming Scores

Don Anthony's Observations: "I did not think there would be a better product than a red bull for this sort of thing, short of taking actual cocaine. However, I was wrong. This nootropic huperzine a, feels like I snorted an Adderall. It's a fast acting cognitive enhancer, I'm thinking a million miles a minute. I feel literally smarter, I am making faster decisions, and I am more of a leader than I have ever been. This drastically changed the outcome of my night, I'm convinced I did a thousand times better, and it was a thousand times more fun! Huperzine a really does work, and had no hang over which is great! And my score improvements in scores in COD were great!"

Don Anthony's improvements were not only measured in personal, intrinsic value (social improvements, leadership improvements, and mood enhancer), however, his Battlefield 1 scores have nearly doubled while on this Nootropic.

Nootropics and Gaming: Case Study #3

Case Study #3, HeMannNam, is a RTS gamer, playing games like Starcraft, Civilization, and a few others. HeMannNam also enjoys playing chess, and is a member of an internet chess club. HeMannNam is a self-employed game developer and makes part-time wage by playing RTS games for money one-on-one, making his case study especially interesting. We recorded this gamer for 6 hours each time, on Piratall and off of Piratall, one week apart. HeMannNam competes under several different names in many professional tournaments and leagues.

Case Study #3: Recorded Gaming Scores

HeMannNam's Observations: "I could begin feeling the Piratall after 35 minutes of taking it. I took one dose, which was just two pills. It made me instantly excited to play, but I had to wait the other 25 minutes as the experiment called for one full hour to pass before I could begin. I am normally struggling to keep my focus by the end of my shift each night. Since I rely on my gaming company and my playing to pay my bills, it is important I put in my work every day, just like any other job. I had noticed at the end of the shift, I had felt still very passionate about playing, very passionate about working and had bounds of energy still, which was a tremendous difference than my every other day. Game play was way different, normally in RTS of games like starcraft, you feel stressed, fear, worry about the competitor moves, anxiety over whether you are keeping up and you always feel as though you do not have enough time to spend your resources, and that too many resources are building up. You always feel like there are things you have to do in the game which you haven't gotten around to yet, and you always have to prioritize. However, I instantly noticed that I had better control over my empire, I was always ahead of the game, had more than enough time and was making my decisions at an expedited rate. I not only had improved scores, but won every game. I am very good at starcraft, and am a top tier invitational player, however, it is still very hard to win every game, especially at this level of competition. I am excited to use Piratall for actual tournaments."

HeMannNam's improvement is highlighted by notable increases in scoring, as well as 60% more wins on Huperzine a, as compared to normal gaming. Although omitted in the chart, we also recorded HeMannNam in a similar case study focusing on Chess only, of which increased his win rate by 34%, and speeding his average turn time up to only 6 seconds.

Overall Conclusions

Although there are many imitators, there are few Nootropic blends where you can ACTUALLY FEEL the difference. Each gamer not only enjoyed the experience, but reported pleasurable, euphoric effects along with better scores and attention spans. Although there are many other nootropics which can improve focus, concentration and reflexes, Piratall is an exceptional Huperzine blend that has been officially proven to improve gaming reflexes and overall gaming skills.

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